Cultural Events / Entertainment

HYASA Center contributes to the cultural enrichment of our diverse community in Los Angeles and State of California. The Center introduces rich and multinational arts and cultural heritage to the American public through lectures, concerts, art exhibitions, television/radio broadcasts, cultural and literary publications, events and movie productions. HYASA believes that culture and art combat social stagnation. Only though creative and cultural enrichment can people evolve and ultimately create an accomplished and enlightened society. HYASA Center fundamentally values to emphasis on three key principles- Protecting, Preservation and Promotion of quality performing arts through appreciation of culture and education.

HYASA Cultural Center was renamed the “HYASA Center” in 2011, where under revamped and new directions, the initial goals and ideas are also preserved and pursued. HYASA Center identifies and scouts the most gifted performing groups and artists from around the world and introduces them to the American public. The center has promoted celebrated entertainers in music, choir, film and theater through collaborative and artistic venues that fully engage with our communities. HYASA Center maintains an active role in shaping the future of the performing arts in Los Angeles by introducing national and international artists and talents to a wider audience and community. In 2013 HYASA Center registered the “HYASA Entertainment Project” to recruit, plan and organize diverse events/concerts in partnership with industry professionals and experts.

HYASA Center Entertainment project depends on charitable contributions to sustain and support the ongoing cultural programs.